Amara Hotel

Insight Hospitality team worked with the owners of Amara Hotels to strategically plan the food and beverage outlets in their Limassol based luxury hotel.

From the lobby to the bar, from the michelin-star featured restaurants, the team worked with world class superstars Nobu Matsuhisa and Giorgio Locatelli, to develop each restaurant to combine lighting, music, colours and textures to express its own singular sense of place.

The team and the highly skilled team of chefs employed for this concept, expressed their passion for food every day, using only the freshest ingredients, fusing delicate flavours with subtle aromas. Guests can choose from a variety of food cultures, knowing that regardless of the menu, a unifying thread runs throughout all of the AMARA’s restaurants: that of meticulous attention to detail and freedom of expression.


'The Amara’s ethos is about enjoying the finer things in life, and this is especially evident when it comes to gastronomy.'

Carole French, Travel Writer | The Telegraph