Developed as part of saffron hospitality a DMA developed company in Baku Insight Hospitality were retained by the Aliyev ruling Baku family, the brief was to develop a new restaurant company “Saffron Hospitality “.

The Giardino courtyard, the Enoteca room, the Piagga terrace, the Azzurro private room and the Limoncello bar are just a few of the special features to discover at EVDE Amburan Beach.  EVDE Amburan Beach is fast gaining international reputation with its smooth service, chilled music and seasonal gourmet food.

CHiNAR opened its doors on the site of an old tea house and embodied the best modern dishes of traditional Asian cuisine. An exclusive restaurant located in the center of Baku impresses with its unique design.

Developing Saffron hospitality In Baku, master planning concepts and delivering operationally was an incredible feat. Des and his team were very focused and professional.

Layla Aliyev, Manager | Saffron Hospitality