Insight Hospitality were approached by New City Collage, Hoxton to develop an all day restaurant used by college students for training and development and to offer the local community a window into cost effective home cooked cuisine. 

‘It’s being designed to “connect promising student chefs with like-minded professionals and open up New City College Hackney to inspirational opportunities in the hospitality world”. So they’ll have some students in the team who they’ll be hoping to give a boost as they enter the hospitality business. ‘- Gavin Hanly, Hot Dinners. 

OKN1 was  operated by Des McDonald Associates for a one year contract.

The kitchen is a broad, open space, its walls pasted with pictures of what plated dishes should look like. The students are learning that a life in restaurants is not primarily about expressing your passion in the kitchen. It’s not about going on a journey, or feeling the throbbing pulse of creation’s teat in the palm of your hand as mother nature proffers up its bounty.

Jay Rayner | The Guardian