Q Grill

Q Grill was a request from a independent group of investors. We found the site in Camden, designed the space, researched the cooking techniques and recipes, even travelled to Memphis Tennessee to immerse themselves in the history of slow and low cooking.

“Memphis, Tennessee meets farm to grill, meets Camden Town” with a raw bar/salad counter, a charcoal pit grill, oven and house smoker, Q Grill offers grilled fish and meat with BBQ seasonings.’

Following site refurbishment, web and social build, staff requirement and training we set about the very successful opening, much to the pleasure and returns to the investors.

'The brainchild of budding restaurateur Des McDonald, Q Grill is London's latest Southern-soul-food eatery catering to those who like their mac and cheese with rib tips and their buttermilk chicken fried.'

Rebecca Cope | Harper's Bazzar