Des’ Digest: Our 2022 Hospitality Trend Predictions

We are always looking forward to the future, the hospitality is ever changing and we like to stay one step ahead. In this piece we discuss the different trends we see arising/ continuing to become more prominent in the industry in 2022.


Urban markets

Re-purposing inner city buildings for farmers retail store and hawker style dining. During a time where supporting our local community is a must, we see large market halls employing local businesses to host a selection of retailers and hospitality businesses. One of our recent clients Hammonds of Hull has done exactly this. Other projects to follow in 2022,  including similar urban markets in Worcester, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Dark kitchens

There are now approximately 750 dark kitchens operating across the UK with an increasing number of restaurant brands, delivery companies and start-ups investing heavily in the delivery and takeaway sector. This offers significant opportunities for franchise brands to improve their supply chains and customer engagement.

Sustainability and Zero Waste

Something that has become increasingly important to us a business is sustainability. The production of waste has been eliminated by simply choosing to trade directly with farmers, using reusable delivery vessels and choosing local ingredients that themselves generated no waste. Something that was very important to us when planning our Hammonds of Hull project. Restaurants will use compost machine that turns any of there restaurant scraps and trimmings directly into a compost used to produce more food… Closing the loop.

Pre Industrial Food System

Purity, adopting a more primitive diet with techniques both modern and ancient. We choose food sources that respect the natural order, allowing ingredients to be themselves without unnecessary processing. By creaDrinks trend for 2022

Rose -Amid the dark days of lockdown, it emerged that shoppers had decided to brighten up their after-work drinks and Zoom socials with fun and colourful pink drinks.

Seltzers -2022 is the year for hard seltzer, a canned beverage which appeals to health-conscious consumers as well as exploratory foodie shoppers. Our team member Emily knows a lot about these little beauties.

Local Spirits Over the counter

Introduced by the pandemic, consumers have gone big on local products with a growing appreciation for the brands and businesses on their doorstep – and spirits certainly benefited. Waitrose revealed in its report that it has upped its range of local spirits.

Niche Wines

There will always be a place on fine food retailers’ shelves for a good wine selection, oranges wines , low intervention, and lesser-known grape varieties are coming into their own..

Low alcohol drinks

With so many tasty low and no alcohol drinks on the market today, it’s no surprise that consumers are leaning towards more moderate drinking habits.


As 2022 being the third year we will be coping with Covid we can only be wishful that it doesn’t hinder yet another year for our industry. Although, as covid restrictions reduce, vaccination numbers are high, covid cases are depleting and the warm weather is round the corner, we are hoping for negative covid tests and positive vibes for all in 2022.