Des Digest: The Third Bite

Like most we’re absolutely delighted that summer has finally arrived in London.

Everyone is making the most of the weather to dine al fresco and we’ve worked with clients like Les 110 de Taillevent and The Bloomsbury Hotel to transform their previously unused outside spaces into some of the hottest spots in town. Using your outside space will bring additional challenges, the first being the unpredictability of the British weather (we have disclaimers on our menus at Forest) and the need to be dynamic with staffing but when the sun is shining the additional covers bring more revenue and make your restaurant look buzzy from the street. Our very own rooftop restaurant, Forest, is bursting at the seams with guests enjoying lighter dishes, chilled wines and cocktails in the sun. To hear more about how we can help with design, planning, menu direction, staffing and all other details to make an outside area profitable please drop me a line.

Brexit. Wow, we didn’t see that coming. We have spent a lot of time reassuring our hundreds of EU employees that they are safe and wanted by Des McDonald Restaurants. I personally think Theresa May and Mark Carnet will keep us in a steady footing.

Insight-Hospitality- Industry experts-CLIENTS- FOREST ON THE ROOF
Insight-Hospitality- Industry experts-CLIENTS- FOREST ON THE ROOF- desert

New projects for our consultants include some really interesting projects including Medina Wharf in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. With over 200,000 square feet of retail stores, restaurants and bars we are in the conceptualising stage with our new clients.

Further afield, another new client in the Middle East have asked us to develop a main stream doner kebab concept. I’m thinking a healthy version sitting somewhere between Leon and Tortilla in the market place.

We have also helped friends at The Ampersand Hotel develop their new City Hotel, planned to open next year.

We’ve had an interesting meeting with friends at Mother Shoreditch and may well collaborate on a Brasserie in East London. If you get a chance to visit their offices in the Tea Building we highly recommend it, great spaces.

We had a preview of The Ned, the next massive hotel from Soho House. The new hotel will offer 8 restaurants, all very exciting.

Just down the street we busy developing Tavern Steak & Oyster at the London Capital Club due to launch in September when the City returns from the summer holidays.

Talking of Clubs I had a great dinner at The Devonshire Club, it’s very glam and I wish Brian the very best of luck.

At the end of August I am speaking with the Global GM Team of Marriott Hotels about how hotels can get closer links with their community. Please do let me know if you’ll be attending.

Finally, I’m going to squeeze sometime in to enjoy holidays in Spain and Croatia.

See you in September!

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