Insight Off The Beaten Track – Fortitude Bakehouse

Welcome to my first blog, @Insight Hospitality we are always on the lookout for exciting products, suppliers, Artisan companies and offering our support to local businesses.

Kicking off with a bakery that’s currently knocking it out the park in Bloomsbury, London.

Fortitude Bakehouse is unique in that it makes cakes from sourdough a craft bakery that also sells single-farm coffee and Stonerolled tea to takeaway.

Inspired by artisanal neighbourhood shops in Europe, Bakehouse is built on its passion for craftsmanship and a sense of community.

A milk-based starter is fed for three days with buttermilk, sugar and flour to help the cake rise, giving it a tremendous nutty flavour, before core ingredients are added.

Flavour combinations tantalise the tastebuds from Irish bilberry and lemon, Marrakesh orange and mint to lemon mascarpone cream with rose jam.

Also, some amazing savoury bakes we took away a great Pain Suisse with bacon and cheese a fermented chocolate brownie and a cinnamon bun, great portions and reasonably priced.


Keep an eye out for my next blog where we @Insight Hospitality will bring you the movers and shakers currently exploding into the culinary world.

Fortitude Bakehouse – 35 Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD

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Steve Tonkin – Culinary Partner

January 2024