Insight Off The Beaten Track – Secret Sandwich Shop

@Insight Hospitality we are always on the lookout for exciting products, suppliers, Artisan companies and offering our support to local businesses.

Our journey this week takes us to The Secret Sandwich Shop, located above The Globe on Talbot Road, within the London community the secret is definitely out.

The sandwiches are based on a Japanese Wanpaku sandwich. Wanpaku meaning cheeky or naughty which they 100% are.

The glorious stacks of colourful layers and varying textures from meat, cheese, eggs, and fresh vegetables, all tucked in the pillowy Japanese bread shokupan tempting you to take a big bite. These have to be the best looking sandwiches around.


Highlights include;

The Secret Sandwich – there signature sando 5 seasonal vegetables with avocado, tomato and kewpie mayo.

The Hungry Dane – Pastrami, ham and salami with Swiss cheese, jalapeños, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato and kewpie.

They also do a range of breakfast sarnies and specials.


Given the Japanese influence, it’s unsurprising that the drinks menu features sake, Ocean Bomb sodas with anime packaging, and ramune – bottles of lemonade featuring a cool opening mechanism involving a marble.

Keep an eye out for my next blog where we @Insight Hospitality will bring you the movers and shakers currently exploding into the culinary world.

Secret Sandwich Shop – 103 Talbot Road, Notting Hill W11 2AT

Steve Tonkin – Culinary Partner

February 2024