Waiter! There is a dog in my Pub! The benefits of allowing dogs in venue.

Benefits of allowing dogs in venues

As the saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend, and who are venues to split up a friendship and not allow humans in with their pooches?

According to The Kennel Club, ‘71% of businesses gained new customers after introducing a dog-friendly policy’ – so really it’s a win-win! But, if you’re still not convinced, here are some of the perks of being a dog-friendly venue:

Creating a community

Allowing pooches and their pawrents into a venue helps create a loving environment. It not only allows for pups and their companion to spend quality time together but allows for more interaction between other guests. The Kennel Club found an increased level of interaction between guests when dogs are on the premises.

Bringing in new customers

Since lockdown, many new families and individuals have taken in a pup and the doggy community has grown. Being a dog-friendly venue brings in new customers as pup pawrents who otherwise might not have attended the venue, now can! New owners are always worried about taking their dogs in case they become irritated or don’t get on with other pups. So helping them get comfortable will help bring them in and make them stay.

Generating Revenue

Of course, creating a community and loving atmosphere is the most important aspect, but venues are also businesses and need to survive. By being dog-friendly you are allowing yourself to also be advertised in places like WagIt. If you’re willing to take it a step further you could create a dog-friendly menu, completely devoted to pups which not only makes them feel welcomed but is a great extra revenue stream.

According to research owners are likely to stay longer per visit if they’re accompanied by their companion. Just because pups aren’t the ones paying doesn’t mean they’re not as im-paw-tant! 😉

Content Sharing

Sharing pictures of pooches in venues is kind of our thing! If you’ve been a part of the WagIt community for a while then I’m sure you’ve come across their Instagram. Allowing dogs into venues helps create a social media presence, as humans are likely to take pictures of their pups and share them online. Images of pets are usually favoured by most, and with the accessibility of social media (tagging venues, re-sharing to stories, etc) your brand name can be shared alongside people and their pooches.

Increases Foot Traffic

Allowing dogs in your venue is a great way to increase foot traffic. Having pooches wagging their tails at humans as they pass can bring people into a venue as they might want to stop and see the dogs! It’s also a great way to bring people in who might be on a walk with their dog and want to grab a quick refreshment.

Host Creative Events

Now that you’ve seen the perks of being a dog-friendly venue, why not dig your claws fully in and host doggy parties, ceremonies, or playdates?

Last year, tehy held the ultimutt first birthday party at Happy Bones Coffee where the WagIt community came together to enjoy a range of snacks and drinks to celebrate WagIt and each other.

If you’re wanting some inspiration for a doggy event, then check out WagIt Instagram:

*Reel link of bday party*



How to Make Your Dog-friendly Restaurant a Success

  1. A little tip for the venues from Lola (Cavalier King Charles, WagIt co-founder) – small things like water bowls and treats make all the difference!
  2. Advertise – Spread the word about your restaurant being dog-friendly (listing it on a platform like WagIt would be a great start!) Maybe start with a promotion for anyone who comes in with their pup or create a sticker to put on the door. WagIt has got lots of ideas to help you, so get in touch.
  3. Sanitation – Create clear schedules and action responsibilities for ensuring that the space is always clean for customers.



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Written by WagIt – July 2022