Review of offering

When a business is struggling with its sales, the main problem is that they offer the wrong product to the wrong market. We can start a in depth analytic analyse of your offer, content, style, price point and propose adjustment in order to reach your market audience and get your first line increase and more profitable.


Procedures are like the bible of any operation. They are needed in order to get a business run smoothly with consistency.  We can look at the way you do operate, look at gaps, efficiencies, processes and come back with a list of possible improvements. We will draft the procedures missing and explain the benefits they could bring to your company.


Do you have the right people at the right place? This is always a big question for any owner. 

We will look at the who does what and the areas of responsibilities, highlighting the gaps and the impairment in the operation that makes your business difficult to operate. 


Having the right level of staffing is a challenge in this industry as we all encounter elements of seasonality. The challenge is to have enough people when needed only and have the flexibility to adapt the working hours. We can assist in reviewing your rota, staffing level and the way you plan your work force, looking at the strength of your workforce, the training required, and the way to introduce more flexibility in your organisation.


Is your business reaching the KPI and margin  desired? We can look at where we could improve the productivity, margins, costs and place a list of recommendation that will allow a better productivity.