Mission Statement

One of the most challenging parts of a brand is to be able to place a vision into words that summarise why we do what we do. We can work alongside your own branding team and develop a cohesive brand.

Brand Guidelines

Who are we, what do we stand for, what are our values, how do we do things? We will assist you in navigating these questions and ensure we encapsulate what your project is all about. 

Tone of Voice

The way we communicate is as important as the content of our communication are we formal, informative, casual, funny…so many direction to consider in order to be aligned with the concept. 


A logo is the result of all various elements highlighted. It is not only a symbol or a name but must be able to vehicle the values drive the brand guidelines and say something about your project. We can give various perspectives and recommendations while working with brand agencies. 

Colour Palette

The colour palette and typography must be part of your brand. They will be used for all communication through your menus, design and website. 

Assets and Collateral

We have been working with trusted partners like graphic designers, photographers, copywriters for several years and they could assist in creating a portfolio of assets and documents that will decline your brand for various purposes.

Menu Design

We will develop the look and feel of any menu, support, papers and layout in line with the concept and the brand.