The Big Idea 

Only you know what you are dreaming of but can’t place it into words or ideas. We think tank all your ideas without any judgment or preconceived ideas and through a combination of experience, global information gathering and collaboration, we will create the story and find the DNA that will be the starting point of the journey. Macro drops into micro.

Concept Personality 

Our brand specialists will take you through the various stages of the brand development and get the values defining your project. Part of the story boarding will naturally come from the personality of the owners, stakeholders, staff or the origin of the concept.

Food and Beverage Brief 

We believe in clear identity to your offer and create clarity and point of differences. Once the brief is established we embark on deep-dive research and development, product, supply chain, seasonality, pricing and availability matrixing with comp-set. We will assist in identifying your signature dishes.

Target  Audience

Like in all business, success relies on knowing your customers and your target audience. We will research the options available and modelise it into projections. Once the audience is targeted, we will review every aspect of the project and ensure we are audience “friendly”.


Let’s talk about location, price point and offer to ensure that we position the project for the right audience in the right place and at the right location and create a successful business in line with your vision. 

Look and Feel

We will investigate various directions with you and get the inspirational juice flowing. Let’s collect pictures, press cuts, menus, portrait of people, anything that will help our team of designers to start the curation of the mood board.

Point of difference 

We believe that your brand must stand alone in a crowded market, from logo mark, brand Id, story, product, interior, point of recognition, web design and social media plan. We are looking to establish the look and feel that will identify your brand.