Following our research and creative development we carry out a series of informal presentations, including but not limited to interiors, layout, budgets, food and drink inspirations, project development, cost breakdown, timings.

GA and Zoning

Starting from the architectural drawing, we look at all required zones and the circulation flows and interaction between them in order to ensure efficiency, logic into the movement of goods, people and the correct ratio between front of house and back of house.

We will layout out your restaurant bar of café and show you floor plans with options of seating count, bar and kitchen locations.

Mood Board

Our designers will curate a graphic organiser that consists of illustrations, images and samples displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre visualising your concept. That will allow positive exchanges and refine the look and feel desired.

Furniture Selection

We will guide you through the various options of bespoke furniture or off catalogues. Various options will be presented by our designers and we will assist you in budgeting and scheduling your selection. 

Lighting Design 

Lighting is a vital element  of any good design and atmosphere and often overlooked. It can create the desired atmosphere and we can help you in selecting a lighting designer and advise you on the staging and selection of light equipment. 

Kitchen Design 

Understanding the concept is key to designing a good and effective kitchen. We will assist you in selecting the right kitchen designer and work with them to achieve the best design for your venue and concept, keeping you informed of all various specifications and costs involved.

Bar Design

We define the requirement of your bar that will be best for your needs. We will assist you in selecting the right equipment and achieve the most efficient design for your concept.

Back of House

Very often ignored or overlooked, a good back of house design will allow your operation to thrive. Not enough space and you will have health and safety or logistic issues, too much space and you will lose potential revenue. 

We will help you get this balancing act right.