We can model your project into a business plan that captures investment, profit and loss and cash flow, allowing you to take informed decisions on the project desired profitability.

Our model evolves alongside the project so you keep track of desired outcomes. 


After so many years of experience, we can assist you in setting up and reaching the right level of investment in line with the vision and the concept.

We understand what is required for a QSR or a more high end venue and can guide you in the right decisions. 


When we develop a menu ourselves, or enter into an existing business, we will analyse the cost of every item, ensuring the costings are accurate and allow you to reach the desired  margin.

Profit and Loss

We can analyse existing businesses, deep dive into their P&L, looking at improvements and compare with current businesses in the same market. We list potential savings to look at and recommend an action plan to improve the profitability.

Supply Chain

With access to hundreds of various suppliers, tested over our decades of experience, we can select the right partners for your business and source the best products in the market.
Each ingredient used can be purchased at the right price for the right quality.

We can also implement purchasing systems that will streamline the process of ordering and cost controlling. 

Stock Management

Stock is sleeping money that does nothing for your business. By using an ordering system, POS sales reports, we can assist you in streamlining your ordering processes and stock level, reducing the stock value to what your business really needs, and placing the money back into the bank.