Mood Board Inspiration

We will collate a draft menu as the start of the development process. Beautiful pictures will give the feel and direction for a more in depth process to follow. 

Food and Beverage Menu Development

We can create or advise on menus across all areas that compliment your brand and concept. The process will involve a series of tastings and delivery of a final menu. For existing operations, we can review and analyse the sales, margins in order to engineer better sales mix and profitability. 

Operation and Service Equipment

We can select and propose a large range of suppliers, from the large distributor to the local artisan making your bespoke plates to respond to your needs.

Our partners will create a list of equipment with references, quantities, cost for both front of house and back of house, so you have what you need when you need. 

Menu Presentation and Costing

When our work on development is concluded, we deliver a full menu bible, including a step by step recipe, methodology, allergen, costing and pictures. 

This work can be done on a reoccurring basis, allowing you to revisit your offer regularly.