Operating a hospitality business is a complex operation and requires many skills, understanding and systems management. 

We can assist in selecting the right system for your operation, manage the implementation and set up, train the staff in the use of all various system including but not restricted to:

Point of Sale POS.

The most important of all systems to have. Cloud based or local network, PC hardware or tablet based, basic cash register or full integrated system, there are thousands of systems out there.

 We can assist you in identifying what works for you and your business, give instructions to the suppliers and set up the database for maintaining a good operation and reporting. 

Stock management control.

Working alongside the POS, these systems, integrated or linked, allows the operator to cost his menus, items and get financial reports, theoretical and realised cost, valorization of stocks and analyse the differences. We can assist in setting up these programs, maintain and train the management. 

Work force planning.

Labor cost is often the higher cost an operator will face. A good planning and forecast will allow control of the cost and keep the business in line with its targets. We can assist in selecting the right system for your business, implement and train the management. 

Human resources management.

There is a complex area of compliances and legal obligations attached to your workforce. From issuing work contracts, preparing payroll, performance management or keeping note of work anniversary or birth date for some celebration and wishes, we will assist you in selecting the right software and help with the implementation and training of your staff. 

Third party providers.

In recent years, we have seen the explosion of food ordering and food delivery applications. 

We can manage the process of registration and place your business ready ro develop this side of the revenue. 

Reservation Platforms.

These are becoming an important element of managing your business properly. 

Not only these platforms could be of great help to expose your venue to a larger audience, but they also allow you to increase your traffic with less direct input and staff involvement, leaving them to focus on the customer delivery. 

We can help to set up these platforms in an intelligent way by helping to manage your floor plan and occupation and fill the quieter times that make a business successful. 

Training Platform

Training your staff is an important consideration to have not only to stay compliant with changing regulations, but also to keep them interested and valued in your business, reducing the staff turn-over. 

We can assist in selecting the right platform for your business, define the courses and maintain KPI to ensure adhesion of the staff.

Operation Manuals

Each organisation needs to have a set of rules, explaining how they do things. This allows consistency but also is the base of any service training for new employees. 

We can assist in writing SOP, or standard operating procedures, detailing each and any action that will need to have a standard set up.