Organisation Chart

Define how a business operates, who is doing what, the area of responsibility and the relation between all actors, is an important notion to create a successful business. 

We can assist in setting up the structure, the level of staffing required by creating rotas for front of house and back of house staff. 

Job Description

For each position, we write the purpose of the job, the area of responsibility and the exact details of the various actions attached to the position. We also list the skill sets required in order to recruit or promote the right people.  

This document is very important for the good training and development of staff and clarifies who is doing what in the organisation.


After understanding and defining the jobs, recruiting is a process that can take time and effort. Placing the right people in the right position allows them and your business to succeed. 

We can assist in the process and also do some head hunting for the key positions, ensuring your business is filled with the right talents.

Training and Development

We can produce training manuals and procedures for all areas of business from health and safety through to wine, cocktail and coffee training with our in-house baristas and mixologists. Fully designed staff manual for all outlets and areas. Three-week deep dive into brand food and beverage and sequence of service.